Graduation Present Project

John Here:

Well my youngest daughter is graduating high school and she asked me, in the way only a youngest daughter can ask, if I was going to make her a graduation present like I did for her 2 older sisters.  Well what would you say?  Of course, I said.  It’s funny how the excitement of a new project can make you forget that you already have what seems like a million things to do.  So here goes.  I’m going to make her a dressing mirror (I hope).  The good thing about being the youngest is that Dad’s woodworking skills are better than they were for the oldest daughter and her present should be better.  Will it be better?  Lets just say it’s a fine line between success and firewood.  I will try to post my progress, and keep all my fingers attached to my hands (my wife hates it when I make jokes like that).


With any luck this is what the finished product will look like.



The light wood is poplar which is the practice wood, while the darker wood is cherry which is the project wood.



Working from plans is the only way to go.



Layout lines are key at the beginning (this took longer than it looks btw), also having a really good square is vital.



These two will be my lookouts…looking out for what I don’t know but they’re very good at it.

Talk to you soon!


The Teacher Team


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