Reflexive Pronouns…. in Second Grade? Oh My!

No very long ago, we were teaching pronouns in third grade. Now, we are teaching reflexive pronouns in second grade. YIKES! It is a difficult concept to teach reflexive pronouns if your students don’t yet have a grasp of regular pronouns. I had to “brush up” on the term reflexive pronoun, so if you’re like me, here’s a little “cheat sheet” for you outlining the most common reflexive pronouns:

Each personal pronoun (such as I, you,he and she) has its own reflexive form:
I — myself.
you — yourself/yourselves.
he — himself.
she — herself.
one — oneself.
it — itself.
we — ourselves.
they — themselves.

Since our teachers are using technology more and more for Daily 5 rotations, Literacy “Stations”, and Centers, we’ve developed a Google drive-based activity for your students to practice the new concept of reflexive pronouns.

Google Interactive Digital Reflexive Pronouns


If your students need a refresher or review on pronouns, here’s another Google based activity that they can use:

Google Interactive Digital Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Adverbs

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