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Carol here:

I am so excited to participate in this blog exchange.  The project I did was from Sarah Koves at  Here is a link to her budget unit project that my class did:  I hope you try it, my class loved it.

I suppose this project could be classified as going off the rails (at least for 6th grade) and doing something that is not a “sacred standard” or a “test preparation” activity. I’m curious if the Earth would actually stop spinning if the students are not answering multiple choice questions that label them as proficient, basic, or below basic?   Why not give this a try and find out? This is a project that is similar to projects that people of “my age” got to do in elementary school. We seemed to have learned to think for ourselves just fine and we had fun, found things interesting, and maybe even liked school! (ok and we can answer multiple choice questions too!)

This project involves learning budgeting and the cost of things. 6th graders generally have no clue about such things but it is such an important life skill to explore and my kids ate it up! They were able to research on chrome books and ipads (thank goodness for grants!).


All aspects of budgeting are covered in this project and it turns out that housing was a big favorite to research. I could give more of my opinions but I would rather let what the kids said to me tell you about it.

“Can I live in an RV so my housing and transportation is the same?” (That’s one way to save money!)


“I want to live in the barracks in the military so I can live rent free.” (I hope he knows you actually have to join the military to do that!)


“I’m going to live somewhere besides California because it will be cheaper” (You have a point there!)


“I’m going to get roommates to lower the price of rent, food and soap” (Welcome to the real world, I hope you all get along together!)


Maybe this is what common core is, who really knows at this point. All I know is there was learning going on today, real and meaningful learning. I guess the only way to “measure” it will be to rely on my skills as a professional.  I think a politician just fainted.  Quick someone make sure the Earth is still spinning.

Thanks again to Sarah Koves at  and her budget unit project that my class did:  Try it, go off the rails, you’ll feel better.



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