Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!

Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!

How do we solve the pencil problem?

Pencils, pencils, pencils. We still use them you know.  Computers, smartphones, devices are all the rage but the good old pencil is still a valuable tool for students. I would never have imagined that keeping sharped pencils in the hands of second graders could be so complicated! Having entered a second grade classroom after teaching fifth and sixth grades for so long was a transition, but I found out that of all the adjustments that were needed to be made, managing pencils proved to be the biggest “challenge” at the beginning of the year. Upper grade students managed this beautifully, but I quickly found I needed to reach out to veteran primary teachers for solutions as to how to keep sharpened pencils in the hands of students with minimal disruption. Here were some great ideas provided by these talented and seasoned teachers.  Maybe one of them will work for you! read more

Sale Time!!

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Who doesn’t love a sale? As teachers, we all anxiously await the announcement of the next TPT sale, because let’s face it, we all need to save our hard earned money.  Here’s a preview of  some of our resources that will be on sale in our store on February 7th, 8th, and (for an extra day!) the 9th! read more

Technology License

 Technology License for your Classroom – FREE!!

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Years ago, my partner teacher and I had heard about “issuing a technology license” from a fellow teacher, so we decided to use this concept in our classroom. It ended up being a very effective classroom management too to support the proper use of technology in our classrooms. We wanted to share them with you for free!  Click here for your free set of technology licenses! read more

It’s A Little More Special Here

It’s Special

I know it’s special where you are, but until you experience it here, you probably wouldn’t have a complete understanding why it’s just a little more special here.  You see when the students where I teach high school science graduate, it’s a little more special than you’re run of the mill high school graduation. Where I teach, the effects of poverty are on full display.  Dangerous streets, serious dysfunction at home, crowded conditions, English a second language, all make for a severe uphill climb to simply graduate high school. Heck, somewhere around 80% of our parents haven’t graduated from high school.  Thinks about it, 80%. If you’re reading this you may take graduating from high school for granted, I mean of course you graduate from high school, duh.  All you really have to do is show up if all you want to do is graduate, right? read more