Teachers Celebrate the Journey!

Teachers Celebrate the Journey!

As I think about our health and fitness journeys, we all want to achieve these goals, but often fall short. Why is that, do you think? If you’re like me, you often can become frustrated when we don’t achieve the immediate results we are looking for. One of my coaches at one of my gyms recently discussed this subject. read more

Summer Mud Runs!

People wonder, “What would be the best way to kick off summer?”. For me that’s easy! Grab some family and friends, get some outdoor exercise, and have some fun! That’s just what we did yesterday at our annual Irvine Lake Mud Run! It made it extra special this year because my daughter Sarah ran with us, and it was her first mud run. Trust me, she’s hooked! read more

Moving,  Counting, and Goal Setting!

Moving, Counting, and Goal Setting!

Wait- we have to do math while we exercise? What? Let’s step back and think for a second. The way you begin to make progress toward fitness is by doing a little bit more than you did the day before. When we see all of the brand new, shiny faces entering our classrooms each year, one of the first things we do to help them grow as learners is assess them. Why do we do that? Because we need to know where they are to help them set goals, and we then make a plan to help them achieve success. The same things goes with exercise. read more