Walk…. Jog…. Run…. Where do I start?

So you’ve decided to grab a buddy or two and start your exercises journey. Where to begin? What do you do if one of you is a runner running 8 minute miles, one a jogger jogging 12.5 minute miles, and one is walker (an aspiring jogger) walking a 16 minute mile. This is how our journey began too!As I’ve said previously, I started my running journey over 30 years ago running back and forth in my mother’s back yard for 10 minutes. Fun right? No! It’s much more fun to grab a buddy or two (or more) and exercise together!

The problem is what to do if you all run a different pace. There are many solutions. If you are running around a part or a track, you can all run at your own pace, but still be “together”. In a race, everyone starts out together, but you quickly fall into your own pace and run “your own race”, so the same can be done while exercising or training. If you are running together, but not sure the path (like if you’re running in unfamiliar areas where some friends don’t know the path, the faster runner can run out faster, ahead of the others,  then occasionally turn back around and run toward the slower runners. You jog together for a bit and then the faster one goes out faster again. That way the faster runner still gets a workout, but you’re still in each others’ sight so no one gets lost:)

I must confess… this is the VERY FIRST TIME in over 30 years that I’ve taken pictures while running. Probably because I’ve tripped over so many people over the years trying to take selfies. Some have literally stopped in their tracks, not moving to the side, and just took a picture. Meanwhile, the people behind the photographer are trying to jump out of the way!

Today my daughter Sarah and I (Sarah is ahead of the couple) ran a seven miler at the Newport Beach Back Bay (our standard running place for longer, weekend runs. We ran the first three miles together, then around mile three we split off and ran our own run. Not telling you who was the faster runner…ok, ok, today it was Sarah! Since we both knew the turn around spot, we just ran out and turned around and ran back on our own.

My post run, sweaty, sunscreened, no makeup messy picture:) Oh, and my sunglasses broke right before we started… lovely!

Anyway, grab some friends and head out. Remember not to do too much or go too far as you’re first starting out. If I had a penny for every person I’ve met who tried jogging or exercising and hated it… many times it’s because they did too much at the beginning, got too sore, couldn’t breathe, didn’t got with a buddy to make if fun, etc. It’s so much more important to be consistent and make it a habit versus trying to get too many miles under your belt. If you start out slowly, you might just end up loving it!

Need ideas or have questions? Shoot me an email or comment on the posts. I have a passion for helping fellow teachers, family, and friends to get started on a fitness path. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with me!


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