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Carol Here:

Here are some pictures of my “Writing Bulletin Board”. This is how I use writing prompts with borders that are used in most of my products.



I like to have current writing up on a variety of subjects. The borders are eye catching and keep the writing looking uniform on the bulletin board.




Many of the pieces of writing are “Essential Questions” that are tied to what is being taught. These are higher level thinking questions that connect with the new common core standards.

Also included are summaries, compare and contrast essays, etc.



I teach 6th grade but here are some summary examples for 2nd or 3rd grade.




I think this is a great way to show what the students are doing at any time. The kids like seeing their work on the wall, parents and visitors like it when they come in, and let’s be really honest, the principal really likes it!

Thanks for looking, please leave us a comment if you want!



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