The Official End of Summer

John Here:

The first day of school in high school is actually one of the easiest days you’re going to get. For the most part the students are in as much shock as you are at being back in school. The seniors are too cool, the juniors are feeling much larger than they really are, the sophomores are glad they’re not at the bottom anymore, and the freshmen are just plain terrified. They come in dead silent not knowing what to expect and usually stay that way throughout the day. Most of us have been spoiled rotten by not having to get up early for a couple of months so you also have a high degree of yawning and trying to stay awake to say nothing of the problems the students are having trying to keep from falling unconscious after lunch. The students generally get ruled and regulated to death in all their classes and then the realization hits that they (and us) actually have to come back and do this again tomorrow. The fall is a great time at school with football, dances, activities and all the possibilities that a new year brings. As we get rolling and get to know each other I can’t help thinking that this is a pretty good deal.

Carol Here: 

John and I were lucky enough to mark the official end of summer in San Diego. A friend of ours has a boat down there so we got a room for a couple of nights and had a great time. Check it out!

The first night we went to the Padres/Dodgers game at Petco Park.  John says its a great place to watch a game, I’ll take his word for it.

They honored Trevor Hoffman before the game.  John says he’s one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time.  I think he needs a haircut.

Our friend got us great seats.  Why do baseball players spit so much???!!!

Their mascot was cute.  John didn’t care.


The next day it was time to workout!                             We both made it to the top!


San Diego is a beautiful place!


That night it was time for a little “different” type of entertainment.  If you ever get to go to the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, the restaurants are unbelievable!

So it’s time to say goodbye to summer.  We hope you had a great one, we sure did!

John and Carol


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