Teaching Collective Nouns (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.1.A) Without Tears!

Are you new to second grade? Do you look at your Common Core standards and wonder how in the world you are going to teach them, and have students REALLY learn them? I’ve been there! When I accepted a teaching job to teach second grade after having taught fifth and sixth grades for years, I had to quickly become acquainted with these standards. How can you make teaching “Collective Nouns” fun?

Google Collective Nouns


One thing I knew was that students love to use devices in the classroom. They would BEG to use chromebooks, laptops, ipads, computers in the lab, or any desktop computer that they could find. I knew that if I could align the way that they love to learn with teaching the standards, it could be a winning recipe. That’s how the new Google Interactive Digital Conventions of Literacy and Language resources were born.


Students love color, animals, and learning! I combined them to equip students to take charge of their own learning by exploring the wonderful world of collective nouns!


This resource is super versatile and can be used in SO MANY WAYS in your classroom. If you are running a DAILY FIVE model, it is fun to use this resoure in your WORD WORK station. In my classroom, I converted the “Listening” rotation for a “Technology” rotation, so you can use this resource for “Technology” also.

We have five different GOOGLE Interactive Notebook Second grade CCSS ELA Language resources:

as well as some other fun Google Interactive Notebook resources:

Come and find these resources in our store, under “Custom Categories”,  GOOGLE Drive ELA 2nd grade:


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