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As I think about our health and fitness journeys, we all want to achieve these goals, but often fall short. Why is that, do you think? If you’re like me, you often can become frustrated when we don’t achieve the immediate results we are looking for. One of my coaches at one of my gyms recently discussed this subject.

“The problem comes when we become obsessed with the results we want and forget about the process that will get us there. When you become too focused on the result you want to achieve, you can actually program yourself into a negative mindset.  If your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you become consumed with that goal, you subconsciously tell yourself “I won’t be happy until I lose 20 pounds”. These are outcome goals.

Now you are focusing on what you don’t have rather than what is under your control.  The thing that you’re unhappy with dominates your thoughts, and you can end up being unhappy while you are trying to reach your goal because you think you don’t “deserve” to be happy until you lose the weight.

Process goals, on the other hand are all about the process. They are about doing the right thing, regardless of the outcome, knowing that the right activities will lead you to ultimate victory.” (Coach Mike, East Orange Fit Body Bootcamp, 6-17).

So, I’ve decided to change my mindset. I will focus on EVERY SINGLE new positive addition to my day, and celebrate it. Here are things I am not focusing on…. I will feel good and positive about any of these things that I do each day:

drink one extra glass of water       


exercise of any kind (in or out of the gym)        

   yes, this is me doing bear crawls at school

   yes, this is me planking on playground equipment with my pal, Starla!

remembering to take my vitamins      

getting to bed on time (those who know me know this is not a problem; I require a lot of sleep to keep up with my exercise!)

walking extra steps      

making good eating choices for any meals. Congratulate yourself EVERY TIME you choose an unprocessed food, that is close to nature.      


Remembering to get up during TV commercials (yes, I still watch regular TV… I’m a news junkie!) and walk, do some lunges, squats, etc. until the program starts again)


As I prepare to go to our annual TPT Conference, I step back and think about the journey that John and I have traveled as we became Teacher-Authors. One of my favorite things is the new friendships that have been created.  I have found new friends from around the country, some of whom I’ve never met “in person”. One of those friends is Deborah Hayes, also known as HappyEdugator.


I remember seeing Deborah at the very first TPT conference in Las Vegas, 2014. We did not speak in person, but I was familiar with her posts on Facebook. I got the courage to send her a private message in November of 2014, introducing myself, and we became pals after that; sharing tips, collaborating, working together for sales, etc. When she shared her health issues, and how she was combating them, I had tremendous admiration for her journey.

The funny part of this story is that I’ve bonded with Deborah in a unique way because we both share a passion for health, yet I’ve never met her. I’m so excited to meet her, and I will be attending her conference session as she presents “Tips for Staying Fit While Working All Day in Front of a Computer”. Since I’ve always had a passion for fitness, I am very excited to support her session!

As teachers, we all work so hard each day, but we can’t help or teach anyone if we’re not healthy. Be patient and respect the process.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Po! We appreciate it very much! Have a great upcoming school year!
      Take care,
      John and Carol
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