Summer Mud Runs!

People wonder, “What would be the best way to kick off summer?”. For me that’s easy! Grab some family and friends, get some outdoor exercise, and have some fun! That’s just what we did yesterday at our annual Irvine Lake Mud Run! It made it extra special this year because my daughter Sarah ran with us, and it was her first mud run. Trust me, she’s hooked!

Throughout the years, our mud run fun has been my teacher friends Carrie and Tara, who have been my life long running buddies. As you wrap up each school year funning through mud pits, sliding down slides into “mud swimming holes”, and climbing over various obstacles is how we let off steam from the last weeks of school. Here are some prior mud run pictures.

This year I was lucky enough to run with even more friends, because of my gyms (I belong to two!) brought a team of 70 friends to enjoy the mud fun. Here’s our team picture of our first annual “East Orange Fit Body Boot Camp” Irvine Lake Mud Run.

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think!


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