School Fundraiser – A Dancing Car Wash

John Here: In my youth I was considered an Olympic Champion “sleeper inner”. I even gave some thought to going professional for a while. Sleeping in was in my DNA and I was good at it. Then I grew up, got a job and had kids. If you’re reading this you probably have a job and kids and agree that sleeping in, is now is a relative term. Currently my youngest is a senior in high school and sleeping in on a Sunday is back. Although I don’t quite have the ability that I used to, it is nice to give it a shot on a weekend. This weekend however it wasn’t to be. School has or is about to start for most of us and it is fundraising time! That means a car wash for my daughter’s high school dance team (she’s a captain, you know). So up I was at 6 am on a Sunday and if I have to get up that early on a Sunday you better believe everyone is going to join me. So off we went to get the cars in our city clean and make some money for the dance team so they can dance their little hearts out this year.

We are fortunate to have a great group of kids this year and they are more than willing to get to work (I am a high school teacher with 3 grown and almost grown daughters and if you have teenagers you also know this is definitely not always the case).

Working at the Car Wash...
Working at the Car Wash…


The Parents were helpful in their own way…


Parents Doing What Parents Do Best at a Fundraiser
Parents Doing What Parents Do Best at a Fundraiser



Teenagers doing what teenagers do best.
Teenagers doing what teenagers do best.


This is our youngest, she did a great job today (what a biased parent!)


Cars were cleaned, money was raised, and we were suitably tired at the end. All in all it was a good day and Carol and I were happy to help. I hope their dance moves are just as clean as the cars we washed today….I can’t believe I actually wrote that last line. I hope helping your kids and community out is just as fun and productive!


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