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Who doesn’t love a sale? As teachers, we all anxiously await the announcement of the next TPT sale, because let’s face it, we all need to save our hard earned money.  Here’s a preview of  some of our resources that will be on sale in our store on February 7th, 8th, and (for an extra day!) the 9th!

If you’re teaching the Human Body and you have devices in your classroom (chromebooks, etc) would you like an easy way to get technology going in your classroom? Here’s a solution! Introducing our newest Google Drive Interactive Resource for Google Classroom …. Our BEST SELLING Human Body System Unit has just been “Googleized!” Here’s the link:

We’ve also created many digital research reports to use when you teach major science units or social studies units.  Get your devices out and let your students work on their reports while you work with small  groups. It keeps your students engaged while you can meet the instructional needs of your students in a small group. We use them with our chrome books or HP Streams in either small groups or whole class to have students apply what they’ve learned while studying these units. Here’s a link to our store where you can see the various resources:

For our secondary science teachers, we have lots of ways to grab our resources and save money!  Our of our units are on sale as well as our best selling full year bundle is great to purchase during the sale to save money on a full year  of Anatomy and Physiology curriculum:

And don’t forget to grab your Journeys units while they’re on sale! We have all of the 2017 full year units ready for you, first through sixth grades! Here’s the first grade full year link:

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