It’s A Little More Special Here

It’s Special

I know it’s special where you are, but until you experience it here, you probably wouldn’t have a complete understanding why it’s just a little more special here.  You see when the students where I teach high school science graduate, it’s a little more special than you’re run of the mill high school graduation. Where I teach, the effects of poverty are on full display.  Dangerous streets, serious dysfunction at home, crowded conditions, English a second language, all make for a severe uphill climb to simply graduate high school. Heck, somewhere around 80% of our parents haven’t graduated from high school.  Thinks about it, 80%. If you’re reading this you may take graduating from high school for granted, I mean of course you graduate from high school, duh.  All you really have to do is show up if all you want to do is graduate, right? read more

New Product Line!

Hey Everybody,

We haven’t been here in a while but we decided to dust off the blog and announce a new product line on Teacherspayteachers!  If you are looking for Google interactive, digital products you have come to the right place.  We connected with Danielle Knight at Study All Knight and are now developing products using Google suite to enhance your classroom.  Check out this  Study All Knight  blog post for all you need to know about Google interactive products for your classroom.  If you use chromebooks or any other device in your classroom look no further.  No more copying, infuse technology, go digital, and go paperless! read more