School Fundraiser – A Dancing Car Wash

John Here: In my youth I was considered an Olympic Champion “sleeper inner”. I even gave some thought to going professional for a while. Sleeping in was in my DNA and I was good at it. Then I grew up, got a job and had kids. If you’re reading this you probably have a job and kids and agree that sleeping in, is now is a relative term. Currently my youngest is a senior in high school and sleeping in on a Sunday is back. Although I don’t quite have the ability that I used to, it is nice to give it a shot on a weekend. This weekend however it wasn’t to be. School has or is about to start for most of us and it is fundraising time! That means a car wash for my daughter’s high school dance team (she’s a captain, you know). So up I was at 6 am on a Sunday and if I have to get up that early on a Sunday you better believe everyone is going to join me. So off we went to get the cars in our city clean and make some money for the dance team so they can dance their little hearts out this year. read more

Plan For a New School Year

Carol Here:  I haven’t done it all but it sure feels like it sometimes. I’ve taught every elementary grade and have loved them all but my favorite is 6th grade. Luckily that is where I will plant my flag this year. Hooray! Since I haven’t done 6th grade in a few years and with the new Common Core standards coming on line it is time to put together a plan for this year. My dad always told me to never waste time re-inventing the wheel so when it came time to plan, instead of spending hours and hours figuring it out myself, I was fortunate enough to work with one of our instructional specialists and together we put some ideas together in a new way that I hadn’t done before. Here’s what we came up with (it’s a little rough around the edges but it will work!): read more

Welcome to Our Blog!

Wow, a blog! Who would have thought we would ever do something like this? Certainly not us, but here we are!  Who are we?  We are The Teacher Team. We are a husband and wife team who come from a long line of teachers. John is a high school teacher and is the Department Chair in the Science Dept at his high school and Carol is an elementary school teacher having taught all grades, K-6. Carol is currently teaching 6th grade but has a wealth of experience in all things elementary. We both have worked or currently work in Title I schools and are transitioning existing lessons and creating new lessons with common core standard content and methodology. We both embrace and actively teach with technology, and love to share with others what we have learned. We view our teaching style as facilitators, providing a rich and inspiring curriculum where students discover the joy of learning themselves.   Our schools are very different demographically and we think this adds to our perspective as educators. As we move forward in this blogging adventure we hope we can share some insight into our world of teaching and education. read more