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Carol Here:

For me teaching is more fun when I can work with a partner teacher. Sharing the craziness that is 6th grade makes for a much more enjoyable year. My partner teacher is Meghan Lake. Meghan has been teaching for 11 years, and she also comes from a long line of teachers.

Meet Meghan!

Meghan was born in San Diego and went to school at BIOLA University in La Mirada, CA. She received her BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Development. Meghan is married to Andrew Lake, and has two beautiful children, Annabelle age 8 and Molly age 4.

I met Meghan four years ago when we were both, somewhat, new to our school. We quickly became great friends. We co- taught second grade the following year and realized that our collective strengths completely complimented each other. Meghan is extremely creative (which I am not), and her energy level is limitless (“yeah, right” she says). We both LOVE to try new ideas and teaching strategies in the classroom, so we are both really willing to take chances, which is really fantastic.

Meghan would classify her teaching style as a Coach. Most of the time you will see her guiding students in a small group setting and pulling the class together for larger lessons. She feels that by Upper Grades each student has their own needs, grouping students based on those needs is her preferred method.

Here are some of Meghan’s favorite things:

Meg’s favorite hobby- Crafting/Pinteresting


Favorite food- Mexican!


Favorite season- Spring


Favorite song- Umm… don’t know! This year… “I Will Survive”

Favorite Blog- Well, Yours of course! I also like “The Creative Teacher”


Favorite App- Splice (for movie making)


Favorite School Supply- Plastic Bins (quite the joke between Carol and I) I love to organize!


So let me know what you think.  Do prefer going solo or do you like to mix it up with someone else?  Leave a comment, we’ll talk.

Thanks for looking!




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  1. Hey! That’s me 🙂 I love teaching with Carol (and John’s a super cool guy). I’m so blessed to have them in my life 🙂

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