Graduation Present – The Home Stretch

Hey Everybody, John Here:

Well I have 6 weeks until my daughter graduates high school and I am in the home stretch to see if I can finish her present.  You can check out my previous posts here and here to see where I started.  When I left off I had made the cuts to put the case together and since then I added the decorative plugs to all the pieces.



After adding the plugs I put the case together and put the drawer together.  As the great Norm Abram said, “you can never have too many clamps”.  You can see why below.  If you don’t know who Norm Abram is check him out at, he is the patron saint of all garage dad wannabe woodworkers.

The first two pictures below are of the case.  The third one is the drawer.





A little clamping “persuasion” never hurt anyone.  It also makes parts that don’t want to fit together perfectly, look like they wanted to fit together perfectly.

Fast forward and you can see where I left it today.  The case and drawer need more sanding and I will attach the drawer handle later.




Today I glued the mirror frame together and along with a practice frame.  There are actually some delicate procedures left to do on the frame so I made a practice one.  I can make my mistakes on that one and with any luck the real one will be “perfect” (well at least I’ll be able to hide any mistakes!)


The practice frame is in the back and the real one is the front one.



Here is the practice one.  Tomorrow I will start working on it (after 18 holes of golf that is!)

Thanks for looking, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Let me know what you think!


The Teacher Team



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    1. Try all the social media platforms: pinterest, facebook, etc. Let us know how it goes!

      The Teacher Team

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