Form and Use Frequently Occurring Irregular Plural Nouns- Google Style!

Years ago, as I ventured into teaching 2nd grade after years of being an upper grade teacher, I was on a quest to learn more about the second grade Common Core State Standards. As I waded through the Common Core Literacy Standards, such as CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.2.1.B, I was already familiar with plural nouns. The problem was I GRAPPLED with the best way to teach this concept while making it fun! Yes, I could fall back on worksheets or task cards, but my second graders had an unquenched thirst for using technology in our classroom. This was the impetous for the creation of our GOOGLE ELA resources.

Irregular Plural Nouns

Many of our students were English Language Learners, so forming irregular plurals was a difficult concept. Changing tooth into teeth, child into children, and mouse into mice takes lots and lots of exposure and practice. What better way to practice these unusual words than using technology, where students can interact with the words with color and animals. It makes learning much more fun!

We have five different GOOGLE Interactive Notebook Second grade CCSS ELA Language resources:

as well as some other fun Google Interactive Notebook resources:

Come and find these resources in our store, under “Custom Categories”,  GOOGLE Drive ELA 2nd grade:

Why don’t you give one a try and see how your students learn? Let us know if you have new ideas or would like additional resources made for you! Just leave a comment in our Comments section.

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