Low Tech Solution for High Tech Stuff

Carol Here: As technology use is becoming more and more prevalent in schools, we sometimes have to be creative with what we have and don’t have. At my school, we are fortunate enough to have a very involved group of parents and PTA. They were generous enough to fund a class set of chrome books for our students! We decided that we would have a sign-up sheet for teachers so they would be able to sign up and use the chrome books for an hour or a day, depending on the schedule. One problem: No way to store, charge, or move them around. Now, I would love to take credit for our solution but unfortunately I can’t, the credit has to go to our brilliant Computer Instructional Specialist. He told us about an idea he saw that has been used effectively in other schools that also do not have access or money for a proper cart. Here is what he came up with. read more