Got Math Vocabulary?  A Quick Sale For You!

Got Math Vocabulary? A Quick Sale For You!

Sometimes its difficult to do vocabulary work in relation to Math.  We thought we could give you an assist if you’re looking for some math vocabulary help or just something for early finishers to work on while you help other groups that need it.  Click on the image below to get to our store and then find your custom category on the left to get to the product you need and check out our sale, be quick though as it will end tomorrow.  Any thoughts or questions? Please let us know!  Thanks for looking! read more

Small Groups- “Read To Someone” (Part 2)

So you’ve finally managed to get your small groups running and students are working independently from you, but what do you do now? What do students work on and how do I chose? What resources do you use for each rotation? Here are some ideas to help you simplify your planning for your small group rotations. We’ll start this week on the “Read to Someone” rotation: read more

Technology License

 Technology License for your Classroom – FREE!!

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Years ago, my partner teacher and I had heard about “issuing a technology license” from a fellow teacher, so we decided to use this concept in our classroom. It ended up being a very effective classroom management too to support the proper use of technology in our classrooms. We wanted to share them with you for free!  Click here for your free set of technology licenses! read more

New Product Line!

Hey Everybody,

We haven’t been here in a while but we decided to dust off the blog and announce a new product line on Teacherspayteachers!  If you are looking for Google interactive, digital products you have come to the right place.  We connected with Danielle Knight at Study All Knight and are now developing products using Google suite to enhance your classroom.  Check out this  Study All Knight  blog post for all you need to know about Google interactive products for your classroom.  If you use chromebooks or any other device in your classroom look no further.  No more copying, infuse technology, go digital, and go paperless! read more