We are a husband and wife team who come from a long line of teachers. One half of our team is a high school teacher and is the Dept Chair in the Science Dept, and the other half is an elementary school teacher having taught all grades, K-6. We both have worked or currently work in Title I schools and are transitioning existing lessons and creating new lessons with common core standard content and methodology. We both embrace and actively teach with technology, and love to share with others what we have learned.

Our Teaching Style We view our teaching style as facilitators of learning, providing a rich and inspiring curriculum where students discover the joy of knowledge themselves.

A Little More About Us…

logo of dogs  We have three daughters, two dogs, and a large extended family who keep us busy when we’re not in our classrooms or developing lessons:)

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  1. Hello The Teacher Team,

    I found your group board through Zippadee Zazz’s pinterest and love it. The focus on quality elementary pins is amazing!

    My TpT shop name is Love, Teach, and Learn and I would love to contribute my best elementary pins to your board.

    The email associated with my pinterst account is fullboricua12@yahoo.com.

    Thanks in advance,
    Love, Teach, and Learn

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