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Years ago, my partner teacher and I had heard about “issuing a technology license” from a fellow teacher, so we decided to use this concept in our classroom. It ended up being a very effective classroom management too to support the proper use of technology in our classrooms. We wanted to share them with you for free!  Click here for your free set of technology licenses!

We first taught the class a variety of lessons about technology, how it should be treated, the rules surrounding its use, why we use it, digital citizenship, etc. We have included a small list of things to remember to teach students when using new devices.

After these lessons have been taught, we spoke with each student one at a time and verbally gave them a “quiz” to make sure they understood the rules. This time was also valuable for any questions the students might have. If you don’t have the time to speak with each student individually, you can pull four or five of your most responsible students, verbally give them the quiz, and then have them speak with each individual student and go through the process.

We made a really “big deal” of issuing licenses. The students viewed using technology as a privilege, to be used by responsible global citizens. We also made it very clear what would happen if any rules were broken, their license would be revoked. You can decide for how long, etc. When we issued the licenses, we issued them one at a time in front of the class, having the students come up and sign and date them. Again, modify this if needed.

The exuberance of students having their first license was very evident. They took it very seriously but also with a great deal of excitement.  It’s a great way to introduce technology in your classroom!

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